You can do a lot more on a Ribbon Print System than just print beautiful ribbon.

The Medal Print System is a range of self-adhesive clear and metallized films that can be printed to create a wide range of decorative affects. One obvious application is the awards industry that typically uses metal plates to personalise trophies, medallions and cups.

Our premium quality nameplates are an affordable substitute for traditional trophy engraved plates and can be printed at a rate of 100 per minute, including variable lettering.

Medal Print system provides trophy and medallion personalisation for a fraction of the cost of traditional engravers. Other great uses for medal print labels abound in everyday labelling of products and sale items. 

Expand your opportunities with Medal Print & Ribbon Print. The Medal Print system uses the same printers and software that Ribbon Print uses. With Ribbon Print you are getting 2 systems for the price of one.

- 100 plates per minute

- Transparent or Mirror finish Gold and Silver

- Disc or Plate

- Print in 5 different colours.