300DPI Pro Personalised Satin Ribbon Printing Machine

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Print 300DPI 5 times faster than regular ribbon printers
Ribbon Print developed the Pro Printer to satisfy the demand for a high quality and high volume ribbon printer for the short run / personalisation ribbon printing industry. A step above the Ribbon Print Express Printer, the Pro printer has further improvements in usability, operating cost and print speed. Advantages over regular ribbon printers: 1. 300 dpi to print fine fonts & detailed graphics 2. By coating the ribbon with more ink improving the print quality, even on blocky text 3. Easy to use and accurate ribbon guides for straight printing 4. Foil length has been increased to 300m up from 50m/65m to handle larger print runs 5. Capability to accept different width foils, ensures the foils can always be matched to a ribbon width, helping in reduce foil costs. 6. Centre feed design increases the life of the front roller 7. Open design allows easy access to ribbon and foils. Advantages over Express Printer: 1. 14 IPS vs 4IPS. 2. Foil save module, foil is only used when printing a design 3. Capability to print full length sashes (other printers are limited to 1m) 4. Improved Ribbon Tracking (lockable guides, twin ribbon rollers, self-centering ribbon holder) 5. Independent foil and ribbon roller, allowing optimum foil tension to maintained at all times. 6. Power save module when the Pro printer is not being used, it sends itself to sleep mode