Elan from Ribbon Print

Elan is a new luxury woven edged single faced satin with a premium print quality. Elan's unique makeup achieves a quality of print far higher than traditional single faced satin.

In the image below, regular single faced satin is compared to Elan ribbon. Printing on Elan, results in a significant increase in quality.

regular satin ribbonregular satin ribbon
Elan RibbonElan Ribbon

The image to the right compares 25m of Elan and Polyestor ribbon. The Elan reel (right) is larger as more material is used to make the ribbon. The extra material combined with a woven edge makes the Elan ribbon stiffer, giving it a luxury feel that is perfect for printed ribbon used in Sashes, Hampers, Rosettes and anywhere else ribbon is used .

Elan ribbon is thicker and more luxuriousElan ribbon is thicker and more luxurious

27 different colours are available in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm & 100mm widths.

elan range of colourselan range of colours
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