Express Ribbon Printer - Starter Bundle


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Ribbon printing starter package, includes 300dpi Express Printer and all you need to get started

  • The Express Ribbon Printing Machine is a versatile printer capable of creating personalised ribbon, washcare lables, iron on labels and rosette centres.
  • 300dpi resolution delivers a signficantly higher quality print than budget 200 dpi printers
  • 4 inch per second print speed allows 100m of ribbon tp br printed in only 16 minutes
  • Feeding ribbon from the centre of the printer, combined with extra long ribbon guides results in a more accurate print than left hand feed printers
  • Foil length at 300m allows for long print jobs to be comeplted without the need to change the foil
  • Core adapters allow for foils to be changed quickly without risk of damage as seen on notched core printers.
  • 1/2" core adapters allow for the use of 50m foils where necessary
  • Minimum print width of 30mm allows for reduced wastage when printing narrow ribbon
  • A wide range of mult-adapters allow for multiple ribbons to be printed at the same time
  • Full control of print speed and temperature is allowed through the ribbon printing software
  • Technical support based in UK
  • Contactable by Phone / Email / Whatsapp
  • As a small business our selling staff are also our technical support
  • Detailed FAQ section on our website to answer most questions

Operating System

  • All versions of Windows post Windows 7 are supported
  • MAC devices are not supported at this time


  • Our software includes a custom printer driver that allows you to control both the temperature and speed of the printer
  • 300 DPI Express Printer
  • External Ribbon Holder
  • Ribbon Printing Software
  • Narrow Ribbon Adapter
  • Core Adapters
  • UK/EU Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Transfer Foil - Black 30mm x 200m
  • Transfer Foil - Metallic (your choice) 30mm x 200m
  • Double Faced Satin Ribbon - White 25mm x 100m
  • Double Faced Sating Ribbon (your choice) 25mm x 100m
  • Print Head Cleaning Pen
  • Ribbon Colour Swatch
Resolution 300dpi
Max Print Speed 4 inch per second
Max Print Width 104mm
Min Print Width 3mm
Memory 8MB DRAM, 8MB Flash ROM
Max Print Length 1270mm
Connectivity USB
Max Media  100m (30cm diameter)
Temperature Control 20 temperature settings from within software
Speed Settings 7 speed settings from within software

What are the benefits of a 300dpi Printer?

Greater level of Detail

Printing at 300dpi increases the level of detail in your design. The image below printed on 25mm ribbon clearly shows the difference in print quality between 300 and 200dpi printers. 

Brighter colours.

When printing at 200dpi, the underlying ribbon is visible through tiny gaps in the design. 300 dpi printers covers far more of the ribbon, resulting in brighter colours.

Print on Narrow Ribbon

The 300 dpi Express Printer is the only printer available today that can reliably print on 7mm ribbon. Pictured below with 8x multi-adaptor

Small Footprint

A fully setup printer with external ribbon holder has a footprint of 20cm wide by 60cm deep.

This small footprint allows the printing system to be used by business ranging from small microentities operating from out of personal premised up to large corporates operating from retail stores / warehouses.

The system can be up and running in a matter of minutes.