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Express Printer package includes, External Ribbon Holder, Ribbon Print Software, Print Head Cleaning Pen, Narrow Ribbon Adapter and one roll of foil and ribbon (color and size your choice).

The 300dpi Express Printer was developed to satisfy demand from the ribbon printing and wash care industry for a more effective printer.

There were 10 key requirements:

  1. Print fine fonts & detailed graphics
  2. Higher print quality
  3. Faster speeds
  4. A printer that always printed straight
  5. Longer more economical foils
  6. Easier to change foils
  7. Less wastage of foils
  8. Narrow ribbon printing
  9. Longer lifespan
  10. Better accessibility

The Express Printer is able to deliver on each of these requirements:

  1. 300 dpi resolution compared to standard 200 dpi printers allows for high resolution printing.
  2. 300 dpi coats the ribbon with more ink improving the print quality, even on blocky text
  3. Fast print speeds with a 4 inch per second print speed (up from 3ips)
  4. The print guides are longer and come equipped with a lock, ensuring the printer always prints straight
  5. Foil length has been increased to 300m up from 50m/65m
  6. Core adaptors allow quick and easy changeover of foils
  7. Capability to accept 30mm wide foils, ensures minimum wastage on narrow ribbon
  8. The enhanced guides and resolution allow printing down to narrow 7mm ribbon
  9. A centre feed printer increased the life of the front roller
  10. Open design allows easy access to ribbon and foils.
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