Iron on Label Instructions

Creating the label

  1. Create your design

  2. Reduce the gap after design to achieve the desired spacing

  3. Use the merge text feature if your design is going to be replicated for different names

  4. Print the design using a waterproof foil at high heat. (eg.15)

  5. Cut label to size 

Applying the label

  1. Choose a NON-STEAM wool setting on your iron

  2. Use the smooth “heel” of the iron only

  3. Ensure your fabric is SMOOTH

  4. Iron the fabric area briefly

  5. Apply the label and press with the heated iron for 10 seconds WITHOUT movement

  6. Allow material to cool for approximately 45secs then repeat step 5

  7. Cool and iron label a third time

  8. Garment is now ready

Label adhesion is certified up to 40 deg. C domestic wash, with no tumble drying.